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Northern lights on a very good night
Summer adventure with The Arctic Moments

The Arctic Moments is part of the professional and local guide service company Naturguiden AS, situated in Tromsø and the north of Norway. Incorporating this concept in arctic travel is our way of telling you that the products are certified local and authentic.


Naturguiden AS is a small guide service company run by Reidar and friends. He is one of few (if any) guides in the area with a 3-year arctic travel and guide education, and he has a lot of experience within the field of arctic outdoor life, safety, and travel. As a Tromsø local (known as a "Tromsøværing"), that have been using nature around the city since he was a child, he delivers authentic experiences taking you to some of his favorite spots in the area. Have a closer look at the webpage to get to know him better. 


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