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Soloppgang over fjell


Thanks for traveling with us. We would love your feedback on the tour and hope that you can set aside a few minutes to tell us your favorite part of the excursion. Do let us know if you have any questions that we did not answer when out.

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What some other travellers are saying



Airbnb Experience

If you're seeking the Northern Lights, Raider is your guy! Every dollar spent was worthwhile; there wasn't a single moment during the chase that we didn't thoroughly enjoy. I can't express enough gratitude to Raider for making our day so exceptionally special and delightful with the bonfire, hot chocolate, and the insightful lessons about Norway's history, culture, and varying weather conditions. He's an outstanding guide and an incredible individual! I'm already planning to return next year. Thank you so much!



Airbnb Experience

Great local guide! Knowledgeable and shared lots of wonderful information about how to anticipate northern lights as well as other aspects of Norwegian culture. We went to more secluded off the beaten path location and got a spectacular light show as well as a great bonfire by the water. It was like camping with a good friend I didn’t know I had.



Airbnb Experience

Fantastic! Due to safety concerns we traveled a bit further away. Drive was very scenic. Saw more reindeer than people even.The hike was challenging enough, great exercise. Great conversation, great views, and just a wonderful experience overall. Well worth the extremely affordable price. I would highly recommend.


Thank you! - HD--3.jpg


Airbnb Experience

Reidar was an amazing host! He was above and beyond on my request. I am so happy I was able to propose to my fiancé with his help, it was such a special moment in our lives. If you ever want the perfect guide who will give you some history on the area as well as give you an amazing outdoor experience this is the guy for you.


Thank you, Reidar for the great time and experience.



Airbnb Experience

It was fantastic! Reidar made sure we would be able to see the northern lights, so he picked us up earlier than planned and drove us farther than planned! he was very kind and friendly, we spent the night talking around the bonfire with some hot soup and a cup of tea, it was truly perfect! even if the northern lights that night weren't very bright, I still had a wonderful evening! if I come back again to Tromso I'll make sure to book a night with Reidar, that's for sure!

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