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At The Arctic Moments, we love hiking, and luckily Tromsø has plenty of hiking opportunities close by. We like the smaller peaks surrounding the city but are also taking guests up on the higher ones reaching 800 - 1200 altitude meters. The Tromsdalen Peak at 1238m is a full-day hike in the summer, but the view is fantastic. For a shorter hike, we recommend the Fløya mountain at 660m - here we can also use the mountain lift for the first 420m, making it an even more reachable goal.

In the winter we do our hikes in safe terrain. With a lot of hills and slopes, there is always a certain avalanche risk that we have to take into consideration. That said, there are more than enough places to walk even after a big snowfall. On days when the conditions are right, we bring snowshoes and small plastic sleds for some extra fun on the way down. 

Even though we are running premade excursions found on our home page, we are experts in our area. We are ready for your suggestions if you want to do something else. Use our premade contact sheet or contact us by email with information on when you are in Tromsø and what you want to do.  We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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