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A short break from northern lights

Midnights sun over Tromsø. This is an easy hike to the mountain Fløya. Bring a beer and relax.

The northern lights season is definitely over as the evenings and nights are getting brighter. Normally the companies doing northern lights safaris keep on going until til 10th of April, some ending on the 30th of March already.

With a strong northern lights forecast and clear weather I am sure one can see the lights up until around the 15th of March - in fact some of the Hurtigruten guests (the company where I also work) saw strong lights north of Tromsø on the 12th.

After a long season it is nice to look forward to brighter and warmer days with midnights sun, green forests, birdlife and late evenings on the hiking trail. If you need some help finding the best spots or just want company, leave us a message on our front page or contact us on facebook.

Dates when the sun stay over the horizon 24/7:

Arctic Circle: 12. juni - 1. juli Bodø: 4. juni - 8. juli Svolvær: 28. mai - 14. juli Harstad: 25. mai - 18. juli Bardufoss: 23. mai - 19. juli Andenes: 22. mai - 21. juli Tromsø: 20. mai - 22. juli Alta: 19. mai - 24. juli Vardø: 17. mai - 26. juli Hammerfest: 16. mai - 27. juli Berlevåg: 15. mai - 28. juli Nordkapp: 14. mai - 29. juli Longyearbyen (Svalbard/Spitsbergen) : 20. april - 22. august


Summer hiking tip:

Senja across. The second largest island in Norway - with spectacular nature ranging from valleys to 1000m peaks. Trail is partially marked with red paint marks from DNT (The norwegian tourist association) and runs about 80km from Lysvatnet til Olaheimen. It is possible to stay in cabins at least two of the four - six days the trip lasts - and on warm days have a dip in one of many rivers on the island.

Get some more information at

Senja in July - with the midnights sun it is hard to go to sleep.

Natural pools along the Senja across route

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