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Summer Tour Essentials

A quick go through on what you need to know before going on a summer tour


Summer Tour Need To Know

The general perception is that the north of Norway is freezing. After all, you are traveling to one of the northernmost cities in the world. Even though we get cold days, the average temperature along the coast outside Tromsø is around 0 degrees Celsius during the winter and can reach +30 degrees in short periods during the summer. There are quite a lot of contrasts in the Arctic. Most people in Tromsø are happy with summer days hovering around 20 degrees Celsius, and we don't like days on end with rain. If you want to see locals enjoying the sun you should go to the park "Telegrafbukta" on the south end of Tromsø island on a nice day.

Summer tours and winter tours are opposite worlds. This is mostly due to the Midnight sun and daylight 24/7 from the middle of May to roughly the end of July. The evenings stay bright well into August, and we rarely get any proper snow until November. There was however one winter a few years ago that lasted from September until the end of May - that was a bit much even for us.

Our main products during the summer take place during the evenings when the sun is just touching the top of the mountains around Tromsø, creating this warm glow reflecting in the sea. This can be hiking, or a fjord excursion with a car to some of the beaches and fjords an hour or two outside the city. In contrast to the winter, you don't need a lot of clothing. Light hiking gear for the hikes, and what you normally wear for the fjord tours. In case of some wind and rain, a thin weatherproof jacket is nice to bring with you in the backpack, along with a cap and thin gloves. Depending on what you have at hand, a pair of hiking boots or shoes is also nice, and Crocs/sandals are not recommended. For the hiking tours, we recommend you bring a change of baselayer in case you get sweaty. We have made a post on safety and how we conduct our tours, mainly for winter activities, but some nice tips will also apply for the summer (like "reindeer and moose are not pets"). You can read it here. 

During the summer you might get inspired to go for a swim in the ocean or one of the freshwater lakes we are passing by. Let us know if you want us to bring a towel, and bring your swimwear to Tromsø. There is even a public and very popular sauna situated in the harbor area that you can use if you feel that the water temperatures in the north are not quite your cup of tea. This is bookable on 〜 Badstue | Bading | Sauna | Yoga & meditasjon | Mat). 


Photography is an important part of every tour with us, and with professional equipment and experience, we deliver at least a few nice photos after every tour. The standard resolution photos are always going to be included in the price. Bring your camera as well, and let us know if you have any photo ideas that you have been thinking about. We are also there to give you a few hints if needed. The photos are ready to be downloaded no later than 48 hours after the tour. Usually, they are ready the next morning.

If we end up in a situation where the weather is not agreeing with us we have a chat and decide on what to do. Either we agree on canceling, or we make arrangements that are doable in the conditions at hand. Let us know if you plan to cancel due to rumors and forecasts - we will give you an honest assessment based on experience and local knowledge. You will find our cancellation policy in the "terms & conditions section", and we are not very strict.

We wish to welcome you on tour with us - and again, should there be any questions please ask.

Have you remembered

What to bring


Good shoes - hiking like shoes or boots are nice to have.

A change of baselayer for hiking

Weatherproof jacket

Something for your head and mittens/gloves



Bring a bottle of water - minimum 0.5 liters

Feel free to bring some snacks.

Depending on the length of the tour we either bring a

small meal or snacks and a traditional treat. Hot drinks on some tours depending on the tour and weather.

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Frequently asked questions

If you still have questions, please get in touch. We are here to help you get the most out of your stay.

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